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Sardines Out of Water — Generations of Freshman

Leandra Calzado, Staff Writer

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Welcome students of 2016-2017 to this new school year of Doss High school. Even though all of us are doing our own thing; such as seniors spending way to much money on school merchandise, sophomores are just here, juniors are trying so hard right now, and freshman- well, we have many thoughts on freshman. In particular, why they have such a bad reputation with most of the upper class men. I will try to uncover the truth in this “myth” of freshmen being the ones we can’t stand. Join me as I state facts, personal experiences, and some opinions of others in the school as I try to make this humorous for you.

Now, when reading the rest of this article please keep in mind these are not my opinions, but of others who are anonymous. Don’t come after us or anything because long story short I might just not be there and an innocent bystander would burn in the flames of the riot instead. Continuing on most of the suggestions I get or listen to are, quite overwhelming in negativity to say the least. However, to all freshmen reading this article don’t be to angry at this because out of all that 10% I ask, at best, always receive some positive feedback in return. The biggest focus problem with most generations of freshman in they’re often preceded as annoying, disrespectful, and if they get any louder or don’t quench their thirst the purge will commence one day.

Focusing in on as far as freshman there isn’t- sadly, any articles that do cover the typical mindset of 9th graders. Instead, I decided to look into the behavior changes of younger students to determine the difference. In an article “ Young People ‘immature because of university’” by Sarah Harris, it proves that young people are becoming immature because of higher education. Officially stating that the younger generation stay in a more ‘child-like’ state of learning that they may never be able to reach maturity or adulthood mentality as they delay taking on any actual responsibility. Including side affects such as short attention spans and not wanting or being able to handle responsibility assigned to them. Dr Bruce Charlton a psychiatry from University of Newcastle, claims that an increasing number of people are beginning to suffer from a condition known as “Psychological Neoteny.” Meaning that our growth process was delayed so much that juvenile characteristics are retained well into maturity. So just imagine a 40 year-old cat calling, making jokes, disrespectful, and you will see why this is going to be a problem. Now, in Dr Bruce Charlton’s theories; formal education in the school system requires a child-like stance to be able and open to new learning with cognitive flexibility. As stated by him “ the average number of years spent in formal education progressively increases, we may expect to accumulate ever-more chronologically middle-aged and elderly people who remain youthfully-minded.” Which can cause some troubles if they wish and do not seek the responsibilities as an adult even if they are far behind diaper years. However it isn’t all that bad either if freshman still retained some of their youthfulness throughout their senior year. As the article and Dr Charlton stated, “ retaining youthfulness has some benefits a people want to continue to learn, have new experiences, move to new places and change jobs.” Creating, at least, a stable way to live life since changes happen all the time and you need to be fit to deal with it.

I place no bias against any freshman because down in all not everyone is the same. The few who seem to be the least troublesome and so out of the radar, tend to be the most forgotten because we can’t remember one significant thing that happened to them. How you view freshman or if you are one is of your own opinion because well, it comes down to if you want to take responsibility without any hurdle stopping you.

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Sardines Out of Water — Generations of Freshman