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Guns Found on JCPS Students

Madison Sanders, Staff Writer

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There havw been a recent rash of guns and drugs that are being found and confiscated in the city schools. WDRB reported that eight handgun incidents had occurred in schools five years ago. In the last school year that went up to 13; so far this year there have already been four incidents. One of these incidents occurred at Atherton High School. In September a freshman there was arrested for bringing a loaded .380 handgun to sell to another student for $200. Witnesses came forward when they saw him in PE with the gun. Another instance of a gun at school in Jefferson County was at the end of August at Noe Middle. An eighth grader was caught with two guns. A security guard thought that the student was acting oddly, so he questioned him. The student told the security guard that he had two loaded guns in his backpack which was in his locker. There is a similarity in these cases and that would be that both of these students who were involved only received a light punishment of no more than ten days suspension from school.

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Guns Found on JCPS Students