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Alternative Foods in the Café

Chriztian Boada

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Foods in the cafeteria… Now don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to diss the Café Lady’s. There doing a good job. Wonderful actually. Keep doing what you’re doing. But the food in the Cafeteria is good/bad. Me, personally I don’t mind it its good. But I mean for the bad side. There are people in this school that just do not like the food. But there can be Alternative choices for the café.
Now before I get into the different foods there are guide lines that every school and the people that run the Café have to follow. If you have health class with Ms. Smith, you probably already know about the health triangle or plate. There must be fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy on your plate in order for you to get food. And some people just get the juices for just their meal at school and even just the one bread roll. But this can change. We can change so people at school have something in their belly. We could have vending machines full of healthy food items in school.
Vending machines. Yes, it is an investment for this school but I bet it can put towards profit. I see people every day at the drink machine in the beginning of school getting their diet teas & diet mountain dew so why not a vending machine full of food? In order for this to happen we cannot have a vending machine in the middle of the cafeteria full of junk food. But there can be one in the uncharted areas around Doss or by the gym so when the people that get out of gym they could recharge their batteries. But we cannot put junk foods inside the machines. No, there are healthier options other than junk food. For the people that like cheesy Doritos there are healthier options such as Baked Doritos. There less in calories, sodium, fat and pretty much everything else. This also goes for Cheetos, lays potato chips, gosh even if you’re on the spicier side there’s baked hot Cheetos.
And these are just one of the ideas of food items in Doss. There could be protein bars for the athletes of the school, salad bars in the café, healthy energy bars for the tired and nervous test takers. Just know people that there are other options for Doss.

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Alternative Foods in the Café