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Music Honor Society

Evie Figueroa

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As a school newspaper, our goal is to inform you about topics relevant to our readership. To make sure that we incite conversation amongst our student body and give our students a voice.

There have been several changes occurring at our school to accommodate for this. The end goal? A student body that cares about their school,their fellow students, and their right to a quality education.

Recently as I attended my orchestra class, our teacher announced that the school would be introducing a Music honor society. Basically, a club helping to connect students with the resources to start planning their futures in music. Whether it’s in the form of helping a student further their skill or as simple as volunteering their time to add to a resume.

A Music Honor Society will help students begin to draft and plan a tangible future. I know it’s hard for students to imagine— and very understandably so! The industry of music is harder everyday to break into and the competition is larger every day. But Langston Hughes once spoke about a dream deferred. Does it dry up? Does it stink like rotten meat?

There are some who might agree with this, their thoughts filled with regret of their past. But if there are students who have a passion for music, they should seize every opportunity available to reach it.

If you’d like more information about the Music Honor Society or the application, contact Ms. Givan or your music class teacher. Applications will be in circulation this month.

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Music Honor Society